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February 2024

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September 17th, 2022

I post links on forums

I post links on forums.
I create new topics with your links on forums in different countries.
The price of posting links on Russian forums is one dollar.
The price of posting links on European, American or Australian forums is two dollars.
I can post links to the following countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, China, Australia, Russia, Ukraine and others.
Read here http://antina.ru/blog/razmeshhaju_ssylki_antina_anta/2021-09-07-747
Contacts: Email - antina5@bk.ru
You can also create your own forum on the Internet for free here http://yaua.ru/
The placement of links can be ordered from 10 placements and above.
Contact us. Have a great day and success in your business!
Antina Anta

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